Our Approach

Our goal is that you will have "grown a cape" by the end of your class.  We've all been to First Aid or CPR/AED courses where when we left we were hoping to not be the first responder to a life threatening emergency.  Well, we'd like to change that and have been told MANY times by our students that we are.

Our Story

We are firm believers that if something is done well, the chances of it being effective dramatically increase.  A few years ago Tina's brother-in-law saved her sister's life.  They were driving down the street in Houston, TX when Kim had a heart attack.  Her husband jumped right into action, pulling the car over, getting Kim onto the street and beginning CPR.

Tina Hamilton, Founding Director of Education

Ms. Hamilton has a background in the performing arts, general education, adult education and administration.  Her awards include Los Angeles Unified School District Teacher of the Year 2000, Pacific Palisades, CA Best Actress for the Season, and has been recognized on numerous occasions for her achievements in the fields of education and the performing arts.  Ms. Hamilton currently serves on the Greenwood Village Arts & Humanities Council.

She is a lifelong learner of:

  • Music Composition & Performance
  • Brain Engineering (the science behind best teaching practices)
  • Korean Language & Culture
  • Best Practices in Life Saving & Treatment of Injury