Thank you for my best BLS course ever. -Stephen Shogan, M.D.  Neurosurgeon & Former Professor.  Denver, CO.

Tina was a fantastic instructor who is very knowledgeable of the material and presented to the class with a high level of confidence.

Tina was absolutely amazing and took her time so that everything was done perfectly.

Thought it was great. Tina was a fabulous instructor, both personal and professional.

Highly recommend Tina.

I didn't even need notes to take test. That's how good the instruction was done.

Great course! Everybody needs to take it! Tina is amazing.

Tina was wonderful! Super instructive and was very approachable. Made the course very comfortable and informative 🙂 

The best course i have taken!!!

Excellent instructor and instructions given by video and on hands/live. Really made me feel better about how to respond to this emergencies and help save lives. 

Tina is the best CPR/AED instructor we have ever experienced! We really came out of it feeling like we learned something and will remember it. 

Most helpful CPR class I've had. I actually learned something.

I loved it , it was perfect the instructor was great she gave me all the time I needed , answered all my question , the class was helpful and perfect.

This course was very educational and I gained a lot of confidence to actually preform this skills in public. Tina was an awesome instructor and I would recommend her to others for this course.

Best BLS class!

Very knowledgeable and Tina worked to keep our class "short and sweet" while still ensuring we were taught everything we needed to know.

Tina Rocks! She is very professional and easy to communicate with.

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